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Medicolegal provides a highly efficient service to Solicitors looking for Psychiatrist to prepare expert witness reports on clients by allowing them to identify the right expert based on their individual case requirements, their clients location and costs budget whether LAA Rates, Fixed fee or quote for complex cases.

We will provide you with Immediate Appointment Availability; CV’s and Quotes for Expert Psychiatrist.

Call us on : 0800 288 4797 to discuss your case

Experts in Psychiatry – Psychiatry Experts

Our Experts Psychiatrist include Adult Psychiatrist, Forensic Psychiatrists, Child Psychiatrist, Peri-natal Psychiatrists, Learning Disability Psychiatrist, Addiction Psychiatrists, ADHD Specialists and Neuro-psychiatrist. Which means no matter how complex your case – we have the right expert to assist.

We also have a number renowned and leading Expert Psychiatrists in our MEDICOLEGAL who are available to assist in complex high value cases and who extensive psychiatric expert witness report experience 1000 – 3500 psychiatric reports and proven track records in court attendance. These experts are particularly suitable in high value or highly contested cases when only the ‘best and only most experienced expert will do.’

Our Experienced and Diverse Panel of Experts in Psychiatry include:

  • General Adult Psychiatrists
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Forensic Psychiatrists
  • Substance Misuse (addiction) Psychiatrists
  • Learning Disability Psychiatrists
  • Older Adult Psychiatrists (over 65 years old)
  • Neuropsychiatrists
  • Adult ADHD, Aspergers and Autism Specialists

Agreed Costs:

Many of our Expert Psychiatrists work within ‘LAA Approved Rates and Guidelines’.

Contact our LAA Rates Expert Psychiatrist Team on : 0800 288 4797 to discuss your case and prior authority quotes immediately.

For privately funded cases we will provide fee quotes dependent on the complexity of the case, size of bundle, and whether the expert is required to travel i.e to a prison or solicitors office or clients home and the expert selected.

We also offer flexible payment terms & deferred payment terms. Contact us to discuss your payment requirements.

Fast Turnaround: Urgent Reports 2 – 5 days

MEDICOLEGAL is often able to meet the tightest deadline : We have a dedicated fast track team who can provide urgent reports in one week (sometime less!) Call us on : 0800 288 4797 if you require an urgent report.

We are able to provide CV’s and quotes within one hour and most reports are completed within 1 – 4 weeks from instruction and receipt of medical notes.


All the Expert Psychiatrist at Psychiatry Chambers are members of the Royal College of Psychiatrist, Section 12 Approved and on the GMC register.

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June 25, 2017